Information for English speaking people

Kolding Summer Gospel is a great week with lots of gospel singing, workshops, fellowship, concerts, inspiration, and joy.

It is for everyone interested in gospel – shower singers, choir singers, soloists, choir directors, musicians – advanced as well as beginners.

You will experience inspiring teachers from Denmark and abroad, lots of singing together, nice atmosphere, bonfire by the lake, exciting evening arrangements, speakers, social activities, and much more. Kolding Summer Gospel is the experience of everything that Gospel stands for: the joy of singing, rhythm, movement, going in depth, excitement, spontaneity, and expressing oneself.

Kolding Summer Gospel in English

You can easily participate in Kolding Summer Gospel as an English speaker. As you can read below, most of the guest speakers are native English speakers, and as we do not translate into Danish, you can also assume that all guests speak and understand some level of English.

However, if you are the only English speaking in a workshop where the teaching is in Danish we cannot promise translation.

This year’s teachers:
John Fisher, UK
Laura Kjærgaard
Louise Elisabeth Jensen
Poul Jeznach Madsen
May Jeznach Madsen
Lars Lindskov Beck
Alice Castle Beck
Steffen Bay

Every day from kl. 9.00 – 10.25 and 14.00 – 15.30 we will all sing in the big choir where different instructors will be introducing different gospel songs. We will be working with expressions, dynamics, phrasing, interpretation, etc.

WORKSHOPS MODUL 1 (10.45 – 12.15):

Every day, we sing all together in the big gospel choir, directed by the different teachers. Besides the big gospel choir, you can choose one of the following workshops:

Soloist – Interpretation and performance (May Madsen og Louise Jensen):
For everyone who wants to take up the challenge of standing alone as a soloist. The focus is on  interpretation, communication and how to present your song for an audience.

Singing technique – improve your voice as a choir singer (Laura Kjærgaard)
This workshop is for you who have never heard about singing technique, but also for you who have and who need some repetition and technique put into practice. (We will work with Complete Vocal Technique by Cathrine Sadolin, but with other experiences and methods as well.
The first couple of days we will get into the theory of singing technique. The rest of the week we will put it into practice in solo singing with some of the songs Laura has brought with her. And where you will be given tools and feedback on how to use different singing techniques as a choir singer.

Stomp (Poul Jeznach Madsen)
Rhythms makes you feel joyful! Stomp is making rhythm and sounds with all kinds of things like buckets, pots and pans etc. Everybody can participate in this workshop which will be lots of fun!

The Blue Café (Lars Lindskov Beck og Alice Slot Beck)
The blue café is a workshop where we take time to talk about life. It will be up to the group which subjects you want to discuss and how deep you want to go! There will be time to share dreams and hopes for your future – but also the battles you have been through and the life experiences that made you the person you are today!

Mini Choir (John Fisher)
In this workshop you are a smaller group of singers – like 8 – 14 people singing gospel arrangement where you are only 3 – 5 persons in each voice group (alto, soprano etc).
There will be time to go into details on phrasing, dynamics, sound, expression etc and you will be challenged compared to singing in the big choir.

WORKSHOPS MODUL 2 (16.00 – 17.15):

Nervousness and grounding (Laura Kjærgaard)
Everybody knows the feeling of being nervous on stage – especially as a new gospel singer just before a concert or as a soloist. How do you handle being nervous and what do you do when these feelings comes over you? This workshop will give you tools to control your nervousness and to focus on your singing in stead.

Soloist (John Fisher)
All singers who want to get to know their singing voice even better, are welcome. We’ll work with basic singing technique: breath control, to sing healthily in different ways, vibrato, dark and bright sound. Would you like to be able to sing higher tones, deeper tones, longer tones, louder tones, tones with air? The workshop will give you the tools to do just that. You must bring a song you want to work with. It may well be a song that you sing in your choir – the main thing is that it’s a song you want to work with.
We need to break down barriers – but we will do so in a safe and secure environment.

Mini Choir (May Jeznach Madsen)
In this workshop you are a smaller group of singers – like 8 – 14 people singing gospel arrangement where you are only 3 – 5 persons in each voice group (alto, soprano etc).
There will be time to go into details on phrasing, dynamics, sound, expression etc and you will be challenged compared to singing in the big choir.

Arrange your own gospel song – (Poul Jeznach Madsen)
Poul is a skilled musician with a lot of gospel experience and in this workshop he will arrange together with you the song you bring that you might have written yourself or you want to arrange in a new and different way! This is a truly creative process where new songs and arrangements will emerge!

Sightseeing (Lars and Alice Beck)
This workshop is about seeing the local area – all the nice and beautiful places in this part of South Denmark; Places of historical, cultural as well as architectural significance will be part of this workshop.



Throughout the week there will be morning gatherings, where the teachers will talk about different topics.
In the evenings there will be different arrangements: teacher concert, bonfire, surprises, gospel café and open stage. In the breaks there are opportunities for different activities, such as walks, hanging out by the lake, sightseeing in Kolding, and other things.

Thursday, July 19th. At 16:30 there will be a final concert at IABC, Lykkegaardsvej 100, 6000 Kolding. We invite the citizens of Kolding, friends and family to the Gospel concert! Entrance fee DKK 40, children u. 12 years free of charge


Laura Kjærgaard, DK:
Laura Kjærgaard is an experienced and well-known instructor who has appeared as a soloist at numerous gospel workshops and festivals throughout the country.
Laura Kjærgaard became widely known in Denmark through the first season of X Factor.
It has always been a passion for Laura Kjærsgaard to sing gospel, and her energy and vivaciousness is contagious. Laura is directing various choirs, doing workshops and performing as vocalist.

John Fisher, UK:
John was the principal drummer for the first gospel musical to ever play at a major West End theatre called MAMA I WANT TO SING which starred the Legendary Chaka Khan and Doris Troy. This explosive production boasted a cast of the top British gospel musicians and singers in the country at that time. They played 8 shows a week and ran for 6 months from January – July 1995.
As a drummer, John’s list of credits is quite phenomenal as you can see below.

Nowadays John teaches drums and conducts regular vocal workshops for schools, colleges, churches and various music programs around the UK.

Although his drumming engagements are not as much as back in the day, John now enjoys seeing his sons André and Dayna play drums & bass with the same vibe he showed when he played regularly.
Founder and Director John Fisher has had a long and established career  within the UK gospel industry, both front and backstage. Read more about the people he has worked with over the years.

Steffen Bay, DK:
Steffen Bay is the course director at Kolding Summer Gospel and he is crazy about gospel. Steffen is educated at the Royal Danish Music Academy in Copenhagen and is leading Bredballe Gospel Choir and South City Gospel Choir. Also, he has released the album “All Blessings” with 12 of his own songs. Besides this he is engaged guest teacher, producer and director in different gospel workshops around Denmark.

Poul Jeznach Madsen, DK:
Poul works as a school teacher at a boarding school. A lot of his teaching takes place in the school’s music room, where he works with bands and arranging music on many levels – from rock to pop – and also various musical projects.
He has played music his whole life in different band contexts. Right now, he is using his musical muscles in the worship band of Sønderborg Frikirke, singing tenor in New Hope Gospel Choir and as a guitarist at different gospel events.

May Jeznach Madsen, DK:
May is directing three gospel choirs in Sønderborg: New Hope Gospel Choir, Hearts of Gospel and Gospel4Kids. She is doing gospel workshops – for companies, institutions, other choirs etc. Besides this she teaches singing to both kids and grown-ups. EVERYBODY can sing, and EVERYBODY should sing much more – that’s the foundation of her teaching. May has much experience as a teacher, both in primary school, other schools and high school. May also has a passion to do gospel services and working with church in a different way.

Louise Elisabeth Jensen, DK:
Louise works, among other things, at Horsens Youth School where she is doing forum theatre for youth between 11-18 years old. She is also a script writer and director on “Moses – a gospel musical”, which was running in 2013. She also works as a director’s assistant at Palsgaard Sommespil and sings in the trio “Tuxen, Elkjær og Jensen”.

The school

Kolding Internationale Højskole is located in an area with wonderful nature surroundings, our own park, and a small lake. There are many opportunities for sports such as soccer, volleyball, and walks in the parks, as well as our big sports hall. The school is located around one kilometer from Kolding city center, and at the same time, close to great fields and forest areas.


Prices per person:

  • Teaching, board and lodge in a double room: DKK 3.600.-
  • Teaching, board and lodge in single room: DKK 4.000.-
  • Teaching and board (No lodging): DKK 2.800.-

Bed linen can be rented for DKK 100 (or you can bring your own)

Signing up

You sign up online through Kolding Internationale Højskole’s website


Kolding Internationale Højskole
Lykkegårdsvej 100
6000 Kolding
T (+45) 75 52 47 99

Course director: Steffen Bay – email: